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Hey y’all! Thanks so much for stopping by Healthy Little Peach, a food, health and lifestyle blog. My name is Ashley McCrary, but I go by “Mac” and I am the CEO/Owner here at HLP. I am a mom to 2 little beauties, Eloise (5) and Eleanor (1) and a wife to an amazing husband, Joel. We are based out of Missouri, but have really Southern accents. Both my husband and I grew up close to TN, so we have always had a twang and now we have passed it to our girls.

I found the Whole30 program back in 2014 when I hit rock bottom and it totally transformed my life, both physically and mentally. Not only did I fight Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but additionally, I lost 80 pounds through 16 successful rounds along with changing my lifestyle to Paleo. I am now living my best life through food freedom and I am so excited to encourage and support others who may be fighting the same battles.

Reflecting and figuring out that I had a problem was the first step. I had to change my lifestyle before I could pick up my broken pieces. Thorough this transition, I am finding that I am becoming a little more whole every single day. Through my lifestyle change, my relationship with food improved in addition to allowing me to become a better wife, mother and woman. Little by little I can look in the mirror and say with confidence that I truly love the strong and beautiful woman that is staring back. This is words I never thought I would be able to say, but I am here, do it!

If you are discouraged and hopeless, please don’t give up on yourself, you can achieve total health and wellness through little changes. I remember battling constant depression, eating disorders, and self hate on a daily basis. Even though I still have my demons, I have grown so much and want to be a light for others who are in the darkness. I HEAR YOU, I SEE YOU! Make the first step and make a small change today and then do the same tomorrow. Those small changed will in time become big changes that will begin to shape the new you!

What is Healthy Little Peach all about? I am here to share healthy recipes that are Whole30, Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free along with sharing some of my family favorites that are full fat and southern.

My goal with my website is to show you that you can live a balanced and healthy life without having to restrict and binge in order to find yourself. Additionally, I want to share “real life” in a world full of fake. It is simply okay if you are not okay. It is okay if you had a bad day. It is a okay if you yelled at your kids. It is simply okay. You are human, and this is real life and I want to encourage, support and love you, because hey….you are AWESOME!

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  • Hi Mac,
    Your food is amazing!! I just bought your cookbook off Amazon and so far everything we have made is gold!

    I was searching your site for some kind of egg salad recipe I could easily whip up for lunch to do with some veggies or even through in a wrap/sandwich but I couldn’t find anything. Do you have anything by chance anywhere or any ideas with some of your awesome sauces? Thanks!

    • Awww Lauren…….your comments are so kind. My heart is smiling. YES, in your question regarding sauces. I have many available for you on my blog healthylittlepeach.com. Just click on the sauce link!!!! Thank you again for your feedback.

  • I’m so excited I found you! I had been following some other pages on Instagram that some how got me to you. Never really dug in to know more, until last night.. I watch your story about a tea you found that you liked and had an ah ha moment. This awesome lady lives near me, only minutes away! Well then I started reading and couldn’t stop. Thank you!!! I too have PCOS and struggle big time with my weight and anxiety. I’m still struggling to find balance. But everything you said makes sense. I’m trying to cut out lots of things right now. Such as dairy and gluten and all though my closest people tell me I look good, I don’t feel good. 2 years ago May, some fancy blood clots snuck in my body and they were trying to make a trip from my legs and lungs to my heart and brain. That’s a long story, so I won’t share but a lot to do with how I was treating the PCOS and my body. You have given me some insight on what to do and I’m really hoping I can make the necessary changes. I love following on Instagram to see what’s next and watching your videos. So you might think you aren’t always reaching all the peeps, but you truly are and it’s someone right here in the next little town. Well I’ll stop blabbing and just say thank you! I can’t wait to see what you have next. I’m excited and grateful. Thanks so much, Melody.
    Ps. Hoping, one day I’ll get to bump into you for coffee and learn all the great things! Keep up all the great work you do!

    • Awww……Thank you Melody. I am thrilled that you found me if my posts and videos really speak to you. I know your struggles and can so relate. My prayer for you is that you continue to do YOU and work day by day, step by step, to build a better you that feels awesome. Understand that this walk is a process and can’t be rushed. You will find some days to be long and hard while others will break through to show you something different that helps you to make small but needed changes. Hang in there Melody and know I’m always cheering you on:-)

  • I am in tears reading this! I’m so tired of being tired of feeling horrible! I have to start over and just get better! A friend of mine sent me your way and I’m so grateful!

    • Hi Amy! I am cheering you on. You can do it 😉

  • Hey! I made one of your recipes and I wanted to leave a review but I’m not computer savvy and I gave no idea where to go. I fund the recipe on your blog but I didn’t see where I can do a review. 🤷‍♀️ Sorry… I’m clueless. Help! 😉😉

    • You are so sweet. Thank you for asking. If you go to the recipe, you can leave a review at the very bottom of that recipe page.

  • Your story is so real and such an inspiration! Thank you for taking the step in your life with HLP, so that I can now take the next steps in my life with being a better me! I am starting the whole30 in a few days and came across your website searching for shopping lists and ideals on how to be successful on the whole30. From the start, your page is bright and exudes (if a page can actually exude something.. lol) such a feeling of warmth and love! I have never ever ever posted a comment on someone’s page, but I felt moved to do so today. I just want to say thank you! I look forward to receiving your new letters / blog updates and trying some of your recipes 🙂 Oh, yes, your shopping list are amazing! For someone that needs help with what to buy – the fact that you have nice bright pictures and clear descriptions are amazing! Keep being an inspiration!
    Ree – Orlando, Florida


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