Peachy Fit




Peachy Fit is a 6 week workout plan that was built by myself and my husband Joel, who has one of his degrees in Exercise and Movement Science. This plan is designed to torch fat and build muscle. The weekly split is divided with strength training days that involve weight lifting and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) days that focus on high intensity cardio. It is our hopes that this guide will lead you on a healthy journey to get strong and fit.

Disclosure. This is a high impact program. If you have a bad back or hips, this may be too intense. To complete the program correctly, you need a full gym.

This is an ebook that will be downloaded straight from your receipt. It will not be emailed. Simply click the download link on the right side of your receipt after purchase. Please make sure you are downloading on a computer and not your iPhone as this is a large file. Thank you so much for your order!